Friday, September 2, 2011

August Shopping Results

I went shopping in Indianapolis at Castleton Square Mall recently.  I shopped at Express, H&M, Forever 21, Macy's, and Charlotte Russe.  I've included the best places to get certain articles of clothing.  Here you are:
  • Charlotte Russe - inexpensive shoes, party attire, jewelry
  • Express - party attire, quality casual wear, jeans
  • H&M - fashionable business attire, party wear, casual clothing, accessories, hats & scarves, 
  • Macy's - brand name merchandise, handbags, children's clothing, shoes (great selection and sales)
I did not mention Forever 21 because their store did not impress me.  Although some of their selection is adorable and trendy... it's hard to find different sizes of certain items.  They had a rack out of white shirts, but there seemed to be only one of each shirt.  I'm still unsure of how they were merchandising their product.  Basically, it's hard to find what you are looking for and you are bombarded with choices.  The major thing that turned me off from this store is the fact that they do not honor returns!  You get store credit no matter return or receipt and tags.  I chose not to buy from them simply for this fact.  This may be profitable for the store, but certainly does not show good customer service.  I don't want to be "made" to shop your store... which is why I chose not to even though I have in the past.

This Floppy Hat from H&M is under $20!  I purchased one in black.  
They also come in Burgundy and Beige.
I also purchased these Velvet-Coverd Platform Booties for fall!  They are comfortable and the toe is adorable!  Under $36 and come in red or black.

Happy Shopping!

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