Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Nina Ricci 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Nina Ricci's 2012 Spring Ready-to-Wear Line is, what can I say, everything I love.  Feminine, yet bold.  Retro and a little Rockabilly.  Flames and skirts.  I really love it.  See for yourself.

 I LOVE this car-printed shirt.  So freaking cool.
 The short dress above is perfect for a summer date night
or a girl's night out!  How adorable and the fabric is wonderfully feminine.
 The look above may be my favorite of all.  I LOVE the feminine cropped top with the longer skirt.
The hat is a super cute touch.
 The most feminine dress with some feminine flames!  Love the muted color and the purse and earrings.
 This ensemble reminds me of Prada a bit.  Although it shows off the belly... I think just the right amount 
of skin is showing to pull this off.  To legitimately pull it off for work, you would have to wear an undertop.

What can I say about the above red ensemble... spectacular may work.  Love the silhouette.

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